Co-operatives UK One Click Digital Platform


Here you can begin using Co-operatives UK's online service to set up your co-operative and start running it online.

The online service is free to use, but if you wish to register a new co-operative then Co-operative UK's fees for registration will apply.

The Co-operatives UK One Click Digital Platform allows you to instruct Co-operatives UK to support you in registering your co-operative and also assists you to develop the governing document, sign up your founder members and appoint your directors.

Once your co-operative is registered the digital platform will allow your members to:

  • Accept new applications for membership and manage the register of members and directors.
  • Send out notice of meetings, as well as save and review minutes.
  • Propose and vote on resolutions of your co-operative and the board.
  • Manage board elections and retirements.

To be eligible to use the online platform you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You wish to register as a co-operative society (industrial & provident society)
  • You wish to instruct Co-operatives UK to help you to register
  • All members must have internet access

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